MAY 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2025

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The Mujeres Valley Mission

The driving values of Mujeres Valley are centered around giving back to and taking care of the land and spaces that we have the privilege to occupy. The owners of the campground improve, renew and host community healing safe spaces with a connection to energy of the mountain and connection to Spirit that allows for divine collaboration. 

Mujeres Valley places a high value on creating spaces for the reconnection to Mother Earth. It is our hope that by facilitating these connections we can continue our healing journey in collaboration with Mother Earth so future generations have these same spaces to look forward to. 

  • Your Highness Podcast

    In this episode "It'd Be a lot Cooler If You Did..." on the Your Highness Podcast I speak with Diana about Mujeres Valley and the current state of the cannabis industry in New Mexico for the local look segment!

  • The Highlight Podcast

    In this episode, IxChel speaks with Kenya Alexander-Davis on the Highlight Podcast about our journey from California to New Mexico, our purpose and what we've learned along the way. 

  • The People Are Blunt

    Check back here for IxChel's most recent interview with Frederika Easley about Mujeres Valley, the events we host and the purpose behind what we're doing for BIPOC and cannabis culture here on 20 acres of reclaimed indigenous land. 

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  • Honorable Intentions

    “This lovely couple is doing things with the most honorable intentions. The land is pristine clean, the location feels safe and secluded at the same time." - Linda Borini-

  • Breathtaking

    "The property is clean, calm and quiet, has trails for easy/moderate hiking, and is very spacious. The views of the hillsides surrounding the campgrounds during sunset were breathtaking." -Yessenia-

  • Get grounded

    “Came to visit from California to attend a festival the campground was hosting. Was the perfect off grid experience to get grounded." -Priscilla Lira-

Festival Recap!