Festival Photoshoot Announcement!

Festival Photoshoot Announcement!

Most people don't know that the Freedom Festival coordinator's roots stem from the beauty, fashion and film industry in California. We learned how to utilize our skills in our complimentary and new relationship while establishing and growing a beauty business.

It was in 2011 when we were introduced to the world of Meetup.com to connect with photographers, models, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists to expand our makeup and coordination management portfolio.

We've met some amazing artists that have gone on to do beautiful things with the pictures we collaborated on and we want to incorporate that into the 3rd Annual Freedom Festival here in Fence Lake, New Mexico on 20 acres of reclaimed Indigenous land!

So we've created a unique opportunity for artists and creators in the beauty/fashion/film industry! Read on!!!

We've setup a special set of perks under the Freedom Festival Photoshoot! 

This event is open to photographers, models, makeup artists, wardrobe designers, and hair stylists to MEETUP and put together some beautiful images on a trade for (TF) basis. FREE entry to the Freedom Fest on Saturday, May 4, 2024 from 8am to 5pm MST.

  • You'll have free access to 10 acres of thick forested reclaimed Indigenous land during our festival.
  • You can setup your shoot with the crowd and hand-built stage in the background with live performers rotating or you can dip off into a more private part of the campground to create your masterpieces!

There is no cost for this meetup, however, the following requirements do apply:

  1. Any party that chooses to participate would also have to agree to a trade for images taken during the festival with Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds and submit/share those images to info@mujeresvalley.com no later than 2 weeks after this event. Images do not need to be edited, raw images are welcomed.
  2. Attendees must register through the Meetup.com Event HERE, submit their name, email address and phone number to register for this event. If your name is not on the guest list by April 29th, 2024 you may not attend this event.
  3. Attendees agree to exit the venue by/before 5pm or purchase a ticket to remain at the festival.
  4. Attendees will be required to agree to a non-disclosure upon arrival.
  5. Attendees will be required to show identification for entry.
  6. Attendees will need to sign a photo release consent form to allow festival coordinators to use images taken during the festival from the attendee and use images of the attendee during the festival for Behind the Scenes promotion.
  7. Attendees are allowed to bring 1 guest with them to assist.

We are excited to create community, space and opportunity for an industry we hold so close to our hearts! Reach out to us about any questions at info@mujeresvalley.com


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