Here is where you can find the most commonly asked questions we've received coordinating events at the Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds. If there is a question that is not listed and that information is not available in the ticket registration information contact us and we're happy to help.
  • Where is Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds/Fence Lake, NM?

    Mujeres Valley Campground is located in Cibola County, New Mexico between Zuni Pueblo and Acoma Pueblo not far from the Arizona border. The venue is located 2 hours from Albuquerque and 1 1/2 hours south of Gallup, New Mexico. If none of this rings a bell you can always map the directions to us from your location HERE

  • What does "pack in, pack out" mean?

    "Pack in, pack out" means that you arrive to the festival prepared to collect your own trash and dispose of it when you return home or to the city where trash disposal is easier to access. This helps the owners keep the campground clean and sustainable for future events. 

  • What does VIP include?

    We are constantly developing perks and adding new gifts to the VIP Package but here are some of the perks: Full weekend access to the festival, access to the pre-party on Thursday, swag bags, backstage access, RV parking, commemorative t-shirt, raffle tickets, tour & tour and MORE! See the full list of perks HERE!

  • Does the venue have showers & bathrooms?

    Yes. The campground doesn't have any built structures but solar showers and bathrooms will be available during the dates of the event at no extra charge. Access to the event includes access to showers, water for showers & drinking, plus bathrooms. 

  • Will there be cell phone service?

    Limited cell phone services are available in select areas on the campground. If you are arriving to the campground from Grants, NM the last place you will have strong cell service is at La Ventana. The carrier that provides the best cell service is T-Mobile. Once you're on the campground you will have the option to connect to our private wi-fi service for an additional fee. 

  • What time do doors open?

    Entry to the 3rd Annual Freedom Festival will be at 8 am on Friday, May 3rd for General Admissions. For anyone who purchases VIP Access entry to the venue will start at 8 am Thursday, May 2nd for a full extra day and night of festivities!

  • When do doors close?

    Entry to the 3rd Annual Freedom Festival ends at 8 pm on all days.

  • Are there cabins/tents for rent during the festival?

    There are no cabins for rent on the Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds, currently the venue is raw (this means there are no structures on the property). 

    There are a limited number of tents to rent for the weekend of the Freedom Festival, please contact us via email to reserve your tent with us. 

  • Are personal grills/cooking allowed?

    Personal grills are not allowed during this festival. Food vendors will be available to provide a variety of food for the weekend, support our vendors!!

  • Are fires allowed during the festival?

    Individual fire allowances will depend on the weather during the week of the festival We recommend using Ventusky to see what the previous year's weather patterns have been or to check the weather in the area closer to the event.

  • Are children and pets allowed?

    Children and pets are allowed during this event as long as they are supervised and waste is removed from the property upon your departure. Pets must be on a leash, please remember this is a rural, wild area and wild animals like wolves and coyotes do co-exist with us here. This will be strongly enforced, anyone who is not compliant will be asked to leave without a refund.

  • Why can't I book the fairgrounds prior to the festival?

    If you are trying to book a stay on the campground between Monday, May 13th and Wednesday, May 22nd you will run into issues because we have blocked out these days in order to efficiently prepare for & clean up after the Freedom Festival.  

    You are welcome to visit us outside of these dates but not during these dates unless you are a registrant, vendor, performer, or sponsor.

  • Can I stay overnight during the festival?

    General admission options include day and night access to the festival, no additional charges or purchases are required. Just be sure to check your registration purchase or contact us for clarification.

  • Is parking included in my registration?

    All registration levels available for this event include parking for one (1) vehicle no matter the number of visitors. If your party is arriving with an attached RV or additional vehicles, you will all need to upgrade to VIP access. Only VIP is allowed to park with RV's or campers. 

  • Can I bring my own food?

    We will have food vendors on-site offering meat, vegetarian and gluten free options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All food vendors are offering affordable options, support our vendors!!

  • What if I can't make the festival after purchasing my ticket?

    We recommend donating your ticket. Unfortunately we don't process refunds but fortunately there are plently of people that would like to attend and aren't financially able.

    We are happy to help you donate that ticket and we appreciate your donation to our mission.

  • Can I resell my ticket?

    No. Please do not attempt to resell your ticket or your ticket will become untransferable or unusable.