We thrive off the support of our local and extended community of donors that contribute their products, time and money to uplifting our mission and vision.

The Freedom Festival is funded by the 501(c)(3) Indigenous Cannabis Council who's mission is:

Through our work we intend to influence, create, and monitor conversations, spaces and practices in the cannabis industry that focuses on restorative justice or Indigenous people as well as provide resources and guidance for BIPOC that would like to enter into and thrive in the cannabis industry.

TITLE DONOR: Indigenous Cannabis Council

The Indigenous Cannabis Council was founded to provide access to resources, capital, and BIPOC focused policy changes. Through our work we intend to influence, create, and monitor conversations, spaces and practices in the cannabis industry that focuses on restorative justice for Indigenous people.


Become a 2024 Donor!

The festival coordinators are openly accepting businesses and organizations that believe in and support the vision of the venue and festival for 2024!

We are seeking limited swag bag sponsors & monetary donors who are invested in creating safe spaces for plant medicine and marginalized people. Use the link below to find out how to become a 2024 donor.

Crooked Arrow Farm

Crooked Arrow Farm was established to provide quality cannabis cultivated with respect and love.  Their mission is to provide organically grown products to a rural area of Cibola County, New Mexico while continuing to advocate for restorative justice in NM for BIPOC.


King Palm

King Palm returns for year two with tobacco and nicotine free wraps for us to enjoy! Shoutout to the team for believing in what we're creating here and supporting the experience!!


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a local wolf rescue located in Ramah, New Mexico a short ride away from the fairgrounds. They will also be on site with opportunities to learn and support the important work they do in our backyard!



GelBlasters has partnered with Mujeres Valley to develop & fuel the GelBlaster Battelzone for this next festival and full time at Mujeres Valley! Get your tickets and join the fun! Ages 14+



Standish913 has joined us this year as a Media Sponsor! They are the leading in entertainment and necessities. Providing exclusive interview vault collections, horror, music, conventions, events, services and more!


Hyderoponics Indoor Garden Center & Dispensary

Hyderoponics in Grants, NM is the official Canna Cup Sponsor and designated entry sponsor. Make sure to visit them when you're in Grants for your grow supplies and flower!

Smoke Sum Podcast

The Smoke Sum Podcast is one of the Media Sponsors helping us to spread the word about the festival. They're a group of stoner friends from diverse walks of life that come together to spark up engaging conversations, host interviews & events!


Your Highness Media

Your Highness Media is one of the Media Sponsors for this year's Freedom Fest! This media collective brings together experienced creatives who are hosting, producing and curating unique podcasts like "Getting Personal with Plant Medicine.


Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan is a brand that was born in Colorado and that stands for equality and empowerment. They are aware of how our community & industry is often unfairly judged and criticized and they aim to be a glowing example of how to operate and lead the way for change!



Hippie Haven Ink LLC

Hippie Haven Ink is a Florida-based non-profit that has been called personally by the mountain we occupy. As a result of messages she received in her dreams, she decided to increase her level of participation from a vendor to a donor! Make sure to stop by her booth during the festival & keep an eye out for the raffle prizes her donation will support!

11 Eleven Medications

11 Eleven Medications is a locally owned Latino Cotton Candy company that makes some mouthwatering flavors and infusions!