The Freedom Tour of New Mexico and Oklahoma

The Freedom Tour of New Mexico and Oklahoma

Florida's own Vee the Traveling Cannabis Writer has partnered with Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds to bring The Freedom Tour to life by highlighting business in New Mexico and Oklahoma. Vee is a passionate Latina writer that has a love for plant medicine, the history of the land and people, and will be joining the 3rd Annual Freedom Festival as a Canna Cup Judge! That's right!! Cinco de Mayo weekend 2024, Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds is where you want to be!

Vee visited and featured Mujeres Valley Campground in publications like Leafly and Bud and Breakfast blogs and we've been riding that wave of exposure that her features of the Freedom Fest venue have brought us over the last few years. We've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring her back to New Mexico to highlight more cannabis businesses. However, The Freedom Tour has rooted into a mission even deeper than cannabis. Vee has been called to use her magic with words and storytelling to bring the deep, rich history of New Mexico and her people to more people of color. 

A huge reason we've stayed in New Mexico slowly plugging away at our mission to create safe spaces for people of color is (1) because we were called (2) because this reclaimed Indigenous land is rich with history and healing for Indigenous people. We have a right to this land. We have a right to have spaces to exist in where we don't have to be on guard, looking over our shoulder, or feel the need to stay ready to defend ourselves. Space like Mujeres Valley don't exist everywhere. We are a BIPOC and family-owned space in a sea of white ranchers and land taken via the Homestead Act. 

Vee had the opportunity to experience that firsthand. We love being this safe haven because we personally know some amazing allies that we rub elbows with and support our cause. We know plenty of people excited and in support of the mission we carry through everything we do. We LOVE being the link between the two worlds. 

However, we want the rest of New Mexico to get their opportunity to have Vee feature their business, community, and cannabis! Vee has been at this for over 5 years, has traveled the United States and her work covers cultivators, influencers, dispensary owners, content creators and more. Vee is excited to meet and feature her New Mexico & Oklahoma sponsors in nationally recognized magazines and blogs! Let's get you signed up ASAP!

Reach out to us at to sign up or for more info. 

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