Freedom Art Jam

The Freedom Art Jam is being hosted by Mujeres Valley Fairgrounds at the 3rd Annual Freedom Festival. This is an art show where the artists will receive a 4x8 wood canvas panel to design in their unique style, sponsored by the Indigenous Cannabis Council. 

These panels will live at Mujeres Valley and be spread throughout the campground and fairgrounds on permanent display for visitors to experience and enjoy for years to come! 



E.NAST.E is an artist and poet coming to us from San Antonio, Texas. Her creative journey started in school and has taken her many places and has now called her to New Mexico. She is a member of Loud City Society which allows her opportunities to craft captivating cover arts and personalized designs.



GEM GRAPHICS started our freelancing mural signs and has since grown into signage for businesses, restaurants, and using different mediums like acrylic, candy paint, live aerosol and more! You might have seen his work in Albuquerque at the Mothership Alumni or Las Cruces, New Mexico.